About Us

MIM is a Joint Venture between Mudhra Fine Blanc Private Limited, a Chennai (India) based automotive component supplier specialized in fine blanking and stamping, and two Italian companies, Industria Meccanica di Arosio SpA (IMA) and Ernesto Malvestiti SpA (Malvestiti). Mudhra is an established supplier of sheet metal forming parts with 20+ years of experience in India’s leading auto-component hub. Malvestiti has a leading position in the European market in fine blanking technology, while IMA is highly specialized in progression and transfer die stamping and automated assembly & joining technology. This powerful combination, based on the unique advantage that each partner brings to the JV, is helping MIM establish itself as a trusted supplier partner.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are located in Chennai, a major industrial and automotive industry base in India. Chennai enjoys good connectivity through its international airport and container terminals, making it an ideal destination for exports. The three plants are in close proximity to the national highway system connecting Chennai to Bangalore.

  • Fine Blanking Unit
  • Stamping Unit
  • Tool Room

Fine Blanking & Advanced stamping Unit

  • High Volume , high precision, high level of technology
  • Located in a developed industrial area in close proximity to Hyundai plant
  • Wide range of fine blanking and stamping presses; additional competencies like CNC machining, grinding, broaching, parts straightening, assembly under one roof
  • Secondary and finishing equipment for parts, die maintenance
  • Well integrated logistics capability to handle in process requirements, inbound and outbound requirements

Stamping Unit

  • High flexibility and wide range of products – low to medium volumes
  • Range of hydraulic, mechanical and hydro-pneumatic presses ( range: 8Ton to 300Ton)
  • Additional operations like machining possible to support core stamping
  • Secondary and finishing equipment for parts, die maintenance
  • Well integrated logistics capability to handle in process requirements, inbound and outbound requirements

Tool Room

  • Well equipped tool room with a range of CNC Machining centers, Wire EDMs, Jig Boring, Grinding, Conventional machines, and measurement
  • Capability to design and build progressive, multi-cavity dies for fine blanking & stamping
  • 3D design and optimization software, EDI exchange
  • Strong engineering and design base – well trained and responsive team
  • Co-manufacturing of major tooling projects with our partners, leveraging their state-of-the-art facilities and Project management – key differentiators!

Global Presence

MIM is part of a network with a footprint in Europe and India that constantly strives to offer a seamless experience and a constant service level to its customers, which constitute leading OEMs and Tier I suppliers. This gives MIM the unique advantage of addressing customer requirements without having to re-invent the wheel and shorten the time to launch for Indian and Asian markets. From sourcing of specialized raw materials not available in India to shipping finished parts to customers in various parts of the world, we are capable of managing the complexities of modern supply chains. Within this network, we offer our customers industry-leading capabilities in fine blanking, progression/transfer stamping, highly automated and varied assembly technologies, plastic injection molding and co-molding, electrical lamination stamping and world-class tooling solutions.


Fine Blanking Divison 602 105 Irungattukottai Chennai - INDIA


Tool Shop Division 600 124 Thirumazhisai Chennai - INDIA

Conventional Blanking Division 600 124 Thirumazhisai Chennai - INDIA

High Precision Tools
Industria Materie Plastiche
High Precision Tools

Tool Shop Divison
0092 Cinisello Balsamo Milano


Blanking Divison
0053 Muggiò


I.M.A Industria
Di Arosio S.p.A. 2060 Arosio,
Como - ITALY


IMA. RO s.r.l.
Jud. Maramures Baia

Industria Materie Plastiche

Saronno Varese


2070 Lurago
Marinone Como


Quality is at the heart of our products and processes, both internal and external, and is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. Our team is trained to respond to customer requirements at every stage of the development process – from AQP to Serialization. Each facility has a separate team, structure and equipment for measurement and control of product and process characteristics. We design and manufacture checking gauges and also source them from specialist suppliers. Our production plants are certified ISO/TS 16949: 2009 to be in line with automotive industry requirements.


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